Hi, I'm Rudra Prasad Baksi

Assistant Professor at Illinois State University, Normal, IL

I did my PhD from University at Buffalo, SUNY under the tutelage of Prof. Shambhu J. Upadhyaya.

About Me:


My long-term research interests include a methodological development of the threat models, designing defense systems and forming mitigation strategies for attacks concerning APT type malware and other sophisticated malware which pose a great danger to the security and privacy of the users in the cyber-physical world. My research takes a holistic approach in the field of cyber defense, which includes deception for detection and prevention of attacks, and minimization of the losses through mitigation strategies. As a part of my future work, I want to work on AI for security (i.e. build intelligent security systems) and also, security for AI (i.e. design security protocols/architecture for intelligent systems). The past and current research are as follows:

  • I designed a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) based intrusion detection system (IDS) to detect and identify APT malware esp. APT type ransomware

  • HMM would furnish information regarding the status of the malware so that a cost-effective countermeasure can be deployed

  • In order to provide a layer of protection to the IDS, I developed a hardware-assisted security system to create a deceptive framework to counter advanced persistent threats (APT) with a focus on ransomware

  • The hardware-assisted security system uses Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and/or similar commercial-of-the-shelf (CoTS) hardware components

  • The use of TPM would provide security through physical isolation of the critical processes

  • Deception as a potential defense strategy is also being analyzed through game theoretic models

  • Designed a sequential multi-stage game model to analyze APT and non-APT type ransomware to minimize the losses for the victim and design optimal defense strategies

Software Skills:

Python, C++, C, Java, OpenSSL, MATLAB, IDS, TPM 2.0 Simulator, LabVIEW, Git, scikit-learn, GDB

Hardware Skills:

Computer Architecture, Reconfigurable Computing

Professional Interests:

Cyber-security, Hardware-assisted Security, Malware Analysis, Machine Learning,Cryptography, Game Theory, AI for Security & Security for AI

Served as a Reviewer for:


  • Information Systems Frontiers 2021

  • Security and Communication Networks 2022